We support you with creating guarantees of origin (GOOs)

Each renewable energy plant can generate guarantees of origin under both the new and old subsidy systems in Poland. The amount of electricity generated published by the distribution system operators corresponds to the amount of guarantees of origin (GOOs) generated.
In order to sell a guarantee of origin, one must open an account in the register of guarantees of origin and submit an application for the issuance of the guarantees of origin. This can be done on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Once the guarantees of origin are received in your account in the appropriate registry, we will be happy to purchase them from you.
Throughout all of these processes, we assist our customers with our expertise and experience.

Our services

Offer to purchase guarantees of origin based on variable or fixed prices

Search for the best offers for the purchase of guarantees of origin from your generation plants

Support for processes related to the transfer of guarantees of origin

Application for the issuance of guarantees of origin

Our conditions for marketing your guarantees of origin (GOOs)

We can offer you the following billing options:

  • Fixed price for each guarantee of origin generated
  • Fixed price for a contracted number of guarantees of origin for a given generation period
  • Variable price for each guarantee of origin generated
  • Variable price for a contracted number of guarantees of origin for
    a given production period

A variable price means that we search the market for the best price for your guarantees of origin. We either share this price with you in a contractually agreed ratio, or we charge you a pre-determined service fee in PLN/MWh.

Your advantages

Our experts will find the best prices for your guarantees of origin.

With our experience you can fully exploit the current market potential.

We have a wide range of contacts in the energy industry.

Our experts draw on specialized expertise.

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