Our analytical and consulting services

The teams of GEWI Sp. z o.o., GEWI GmbH and GETEC ENERGIE GmbH have extensive knowledge and experience in electricity trading on the Polish as well as on the German markets and are therefore ideal partners for all your questions.
We have been actively following and analyzing the development of the energy markets in Poland, Germany and Europe for years.
Our parent company GEWI GmbH is a direct commercialization company of GETEC ENERGIE GmbH Group with more than 4000 MW of installed capacity from wind, photovoltaic, hydro and biogas plants. GEWI GmbH has been active on the German market since 2011. It specializes in direct marketing and offers solutions for renewable energies within and outside the energy trading system. The parent company GETEC ENERGIE GmbH, founded in 2001, is active in many areas of the energy industry, employs more than 400 people and is part of the GETEC GRUPPE, which is active throughout Europe.

Do you need a professional analysis and expert advice in the field of electricity trading? Then do not hesitate to contact us for a  meeting – without any commitments.

Our services

Analysis of the generation profiles of power generation plants

Calculation of the volume-weighted average electricity sales prices

Calculation of the profile gains/profile losses from the generation plants.

Support in determining the auction price (generation profiles)

Examples of analytical and consulting topics:

  • Analysis of the feed-in profiles of your plant or your entire generation portfolio. We analyze for you how the feed-in profiles of your generation assets have changed over the years on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. We show you how the profile costs and profits of your wind or PV plants have changed.
  • We calculate the volume-weighted average spot prices of your generation assets for you and use this as a basis to estimate the expected revenues from electricity sales in the coming years.
  • We calculate the differences between the volume-weighted average spot prices and the indices of the day-ahead market (TGE S.A.) for the feed-in profiles of your plants.
  • If you are preparing for an auction, we can help you estimate the necessary values for the best possible calculation of the auction price.
  • We can also compare the data of your plants with the data of the whole system, i.e. all wind and photovoltaic plants in Poland.

Your advantages

Our experts have extensive knowledge and experience of both the Polish and German electricity markets.

With our expertise, you can fully exploit the current market potential.

We have a wide range of contacts in the energy industry.

We offer flexible solutions tailored to your individual needs.

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