We offer tailor-made long term PPA solutions for your wind power, PV or biomass installation in Poland.

Long-term PPAs have been a very popular topic in the renewable energy industry throughout Europe for several years. Polish experience in this area is not yet very extensive. Within the GETEC GRUPPE however, we already have significant knowledge and experience required to conclude Power Purchase Agreements.
At the current level of market prices, long-term contracts are an attractive alternative or a possible supplement to subsidy systems.
Our specialists will be happy to provide you with suggestions on how to exploit the current market potential.

Our services

Tailor-made contracts for each type of generation plant in the renewable energy sector

Attractive contracts that ensure a stable income for the producer

Purchasee guarantees for specific quantities for a defined period of time

Fixed price guarantees

What conditions do we offer with long-term PPAs?

  • The possibility of guaranteeing a fixed price for a specific profile or for each MWh generated
  • The term of the contract is up to 15 years with the possibility of extension
  • Assumption of all obligations related to the reports to the distribution system operators
  • Generation forecasting of your plant or portfolio,
  • Procurement of guarantees of origin (GOO) generated by your plants

Your advantages

We are at your side with our experience in the field of PPA.

Our experts draw on specific expertise.

Benefit from the industrial and commercial customer pool of GETEC GRUPPE.

Our expertise allows you to take full advantage of the current market potential.

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