What are SOGL services about?

The System Operation Guideline (SOGL) service is a relatively new concept on the Polish electricity market. It is related to a number of new obligations of electricity generators towards distribution and transmission system operators, which became effective in 2021.
The exact guidelines for implementing these obligations will depend on which distribution system operator your facilities are located with.
We track changes in requirements on distribution system operator websites and report all data according to the most current guidelines. We provide our services every day of the year, including weekends and holidays.
We forecast your hourly feed-in quantities and report them to the distribution system operators. We also inform them about your planned generation interruptions.

Our services

Preparation of the generation forecasts

Daily dispatch of generation forecasts to distribution system operators

Daily dispatch of generation forecasts to the transmission system operators

Reporting of your facilites’ availabilities to the distribution system and transmission system operators.

How do we bill for the SOGL service?

The SOGL service is usually billed monthly in PLN per metering point. However, we are flexible as far as the invoicing variant is concerned.
The fee is always higher for plants having to report data not only to the distribution system operator, but also to the transmission system operator.

Your advantages

Stay up to date with us concerning the latest guidelines.

We offer flexible solutions that are individually tailored to your needs.

Our experts reliably forecast your hourly feed-in quantities and transmit them directly to the distribution grid operators.

We have a wide range of contacts in the energy industry.

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