For each wind farm, photovoltaic or biogas plant that we commercialize directly, we also provide self-supply services .

What is included in the self-supply service for renewable energy plants?

Forecast of the power consumption for the generation plant

Procurement of the forecast quantities of electricity on the electricity exchange or on the OTC market

Assumption of transaction costs on the stock exchange

Settlement of the balancing energy with PSE S.A.

Procurement of property rights in an appropriate amount to “color” the delivered quantities

Execution of monthly settlements with the customers

                                        Cooperation details

At what prices is self-supply settled?

  • Settlement at the variable prices – day-ahead market,
  • Settlement at the fixed prices.

What are the contract terms for self-supply?

The same contract term applies as in the direct marketing contract.

Your advantages

Focus on your core business, we take care of the energy management processes.

No neeed to spend money on your own access to the power exchanges.

We offer flexible solutions tailored to your individual needs.

We have a wide range of contacts in the energy industry.

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