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Any generation plant which is part of the old Polish subsidy system based on “Świadectwa Pochodzenia” can generate property rights. This applies to generation plants commissioned by 30.06.2016. The amount of electricity feed-in published by distribution system operators in the so-called Green Meter corresponds to the amount of generated “Świadectwa Pochodzenia”.

In order to sell “Świadectwa Pochodzenia”, it is necessary to have an account in the “Świadectwa Pochodzenia” register or to apply for one. “Świadectwa Pochodzenia” become property rights at the moment that they are introduced into the trading system. One property right is equal to 1 kWh. Once the asset rights are registered in your account in the appropriate register, we will be happy to sell them on your behalf at the most attractive market prices.

In all these processes, we assist our clients with our extensive know-how and experience.

Our services

Possibility of marketing your asset rights from your regular brokerage account

Flexible sale of property rights with the aim of maximizing the producer’s income

Procurement of property rights from the producers and trading companies/brokers

Submission of applications for “green certificates”.

Conditions for trading asset rights derived from renewable energies

We can offer you the following possibilities of cooperation:

  • Sale of property rights via a power of attorney frameworkwork through the client’s account with the broker
  • Procurement at a predetermined fixed price of each created property right
  • Procurement of a contractually determined amount of property rights for a certain period of time at a pre-determined fixed price.

Your advantages

Benefit from our know-how in asset rights trading.

Concentrate on your core business, we take care of the energy management processes in the background.

We have a wide range of contacts in the energy industry.

Our experts draw on specialized expertise.

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